Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Go Away Winter Blues!!!!

Ok- so it has been brought to my attention that I seem to be a bit down on Old Man Winter this year. In an effort to redeem myself in the good graces of winter and apologize for all the bad things I have recently said about the above mentioned season, I am making a list of all the great and fabulous things about winter in attempt to change my attitude! Here goes.....
1. What other time of the year can you "squeak" your boots when you walk?
2. My hands stay cleaner because they are always in gloves.
3. I never have to fix my hair as it is always in a stocking cap or a fuzzy mad bomber
4. Extra time to sit and do absolutely nothing, but warm up
5. Have to admit the snow is beautiful when the sun shines on it in the morning
6. No feeling in your fingers is not always a bad thing, right?
7. You can watch the horse's eye balls cool is that?
8. There is no greater joy than hitting 15 degrees after a long below zero stint......yes I do go without my coat then!
9. Keeping Carhart in business is a good thing
10. Snowmobiling, sledding and ice fishing
11. Learning what behaviors your horses have when true boredom hits
12. Heated seats
13. Snuggling
14. Free aerobic workouts just trudging through the snow
15. Back and arm strength conditioning ......again for free- only have to pay for the shovel!
16. Truly refreshing experience when you accidently turn the directional thingy on the snowblower directly in your face........better than a double expresso for alertness!
17. Turtlenecks
18. No flies, mosquitoes or other pesky flying insects
19. Don't have to mow the lawn
20. Less horseback riding, but more reading.....hmmmm that is a tough one
21. Kind of cool when your nose freezes together?
22. Frost on the trees- truly a remarkable gift
23.Bonding with the hubby while accomplishing a goal of finding the water tank, the car or other objects that used to be outside in "about this spot."
and finally.....
24. What other time of the year can you put your seventeen layers of clothes on and just get out to the barn to discover that you really, really have to pee? yet another free workout!! fast can you run in seventeen layers, through 3 feet of snow, with 2 inches of ice underneath, to get to a door that freezes shut, only to discard your boots and seventeen layers all to make it to the that my friends is one heckuva a bonus!!

So there ya go- I feel so much better about this crazy state of Minnesota that we live and promise to remember these and other things when I am feeling blue about winter! Stay warm everyone!!!

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